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Wyoming Raised "Chasing Legends" CD

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Wyoming Raised - Chasing Legends - was recorded by Wyoming Raised at the Sonic Ranch in El Paso, Texas in September of 2021. The album features 12 original songs written and composed by lead singer, Dakota Knezovich, co-written and structured with Drummer, Braxton Knezovich and co- written contributor Steve Knezovich. The Cousins Dakota and Braxton formed the band Wyoming Raised in 2017. Other members of the band include lead guitarist Brayten Bettelyoun and bassist Austin Tavegia, both joining the band in early 2021. Wyoming Raised is bringing a new sound by showing their love of country-rock and the great state of Wyoming. The album is scheduled to release on 11/10/2021 on your favorite digital music platforms and will be available for pickup or shipping beginning 11/11/2021.

Song titles include:

1. Neon 2. Like This 3. Burnin' Barns 4. Wonder Women 5. Find a Place 6. Six Shooters 7. Crooked Eye Jack 8. Short of the Stars 9. Letters to a Friend. 10 Roamin' Wyoming 11. Legends 12. Highway Dreams.

Thanks to all the support from our fans, our producer Charles Godfrey, Mastering Engineer Marco A. Ramirez, Assistant Engineer Mario Ramirez, everyone at Sonic Ranch, Album Cover graphic designer Slade Pitt, and for the booklet photos by McKenzie Schrag, Kiara Martinez-Covell and Kinley Finn.

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